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About the Great Lakes Young Professionals Network

The Great Lakes Young Professionals Network (GLYPN) was formed in 2021 as a space to connect and convene young professionals with shared interests in the Great Lakes and the surrounding ecosystems and communities. The network represents the next generation of binational leaders who cover a diverse range of geographies, disciplines, interests, and identities, all with a common connection to our shared water resources. What started as a small group of inspired students has now turned into a growing network of over 200 young professionals seeking to engage and grow professionally in related fields.

Our vision is a diverse, connected, and engaged network of young professionals passionate about the Great Lakes and the surrounding ecosystems and communities. 

Our Goals


Create a space for young professionals to seek advice, exchange knowledge and ideas, and share opportunities.


Foster avenues for young people to explore professional opportunities and advance early careers in related fields.


Offer an array of opportunities for professional development and skill building.


Enhance relationship building, collaboration, and a sense of community across Great Lakes geographies.


Broaden the demographic of Great Lakes young professionals and increase the visibility of younger voices.

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